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It’s quite natural to want to know how long your plumber is going to take to fix a leak. Every situation is different, however, thus making a uniform time prediction nearly impossible. In order to gauge the time your plumber will need, per your individual situation, here are some of the primary factors that determine the time it will take to fix that bedeviling leak.


Diagnostic Time

Diagnosis can be a big factor in overall repair time. Sometimes, the leak may be a very simple and quick fix, but if it isn’t very quick and easy to find and identify, diagnosis can take most of the time needed. For this reason, any additional info you can provide to your plumber can really help to speed diagnostic times.



Accessibility is another, significant factor in leak repair times. Perhaps we can find your leak quickly, but it’s located behind a furnace or in another, hard-to-access location. If this is the case, gaining access can quite possibly take more time than the actual leak fix itself.


Affected Systems

If we find a leak that doesn’t involve other systems, this can really cut down on overall repair time. On the other hand, if the leak also involves another system, such as a water heater, this will certainly slow the process. Water heaters, irrigation systems, house filtration systems, and wells are examples of often affected and interrelated systems that can require isolation, drain-down, and other steps for safe leak repairs to subsequently take place.


Nature of Parts

Finally, the nature of the parts being worked with can have a direct effect on repair times. For example, if a stretch of pipe has become very brittle and fragile, an attempt to fix one area of the pipe may then cause problems down the line on the same pipe. A situation like this should be explained to you by your plumber so that the best approach for everyone can be taken.

Leaks can come in almost limitless forms. Unfortunately, this means that the time required to fix a leak can vary greatly. If you suspect a leak, contact us right away, and we’ll give you our best, educated rundown of the estimated time needed before we get started.


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